FLAME User Meeting - 23rd Feb 2012

Location: Enterprise Zone, Sheffield University


Now starting at 11am to allow travel time


  • Coffee and Tea
  • Welcome - Mike Holcombe (USFD)
  • FLAME HPC Project Objectives - Chris Greenough (STFC)
  • The Future of FLAME - Lee-Shawn Chin (STFC)


  • Lunch which will be provided


User Tools:

  • Simon Coakley (USFD) - ‘FLAME Editor and FLAME Visualiser demos’
  • Sander van der Hoog and Philipp Harting (UNIBI) - ‘An extensive GUI for FLAME: experiment setup and data visualisation’
  • Julio Gallardo and Chris Wright (USFD) - ‘The MASTER testing framework’


  • Daniela Romano (USFD) - ‘Pedestrian and Traffic Simulation using FLAMEGPU’


Short User Talks:

  • Twin Karmakharm (USFD) - 'SPICE Project'
  • Laurence James (USFD) - 'Computational Modelling of Galaxy Formation using FLAMEGPU'
  • pdf Simon Scarle (UWE) - 'Playing with Fire: putting FLAME on the XBox'
  • Richard Williams (YORK) - 'Modelling the IL-1 Stimulated NFkB Intracellular Signalling Pathway using FLAME'
  • pdf Gavin Fullstone (USFD) - 'The Effect of Ras-mediated Cytoskeletal Alterations on Dynamics of the NFkB pathway'
  • pdf Gavin Fullstone (USFD) - 'Developing Models of the Blood Brain Barrier'
  • Aban Shuaib (USFD) - 'Regulation of Erk1/2 and p38 MAPK pathways via Trb protein family: an agent based approach'
  • pdf Dave Rhodes (USFD) - 'Modelling Natural Killer cell interactions with Tumour cells'
  • pdf Shannon Li (USFD) - 'Modelling the epidermis'
  • Mark Burkitt (USFD) - 'AirPROM Project'
  • Afsaneh Maleki-Dizaji (USFD) - 'SUMO Project'
  • Himanshu Kaul (OXFD) - 'Tissue Engineering and Bioprocessing'
  • pdf David Worth (STFC) - 'SIR Model'
  • pdf Candy Ho (USFD) - 'Development of novel 3D MND model by use of aligned polymer fiber scaffolds'
  • pdf Bob Lee (XIAN) - 'Economic and Environmental Policy Modelling'


  • Coffee and Tea
  • Feedback to developers
  • Conclusions and summing up


  • USFD - University of Sheffield
  • STFC - Science and Technology Facilities Council - Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • UNIBI - University of Bielefeld, Germany
  • YORK - University of York
  • UWE - University of the West of England
  • OXFD - University of Oxford
  • XIAN - Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Updated: 2012/02/22