FLAME Model Library

The FLAME Model Library is a collection of relatively simple models that illustrate the use of FLAME in different applications. They can be used as tutorial examples or as the starting point in developing a new model. For each model there is: a short description of the application, the model XMML file, the source code of the transition functions, an set of initial data and some example outputs of a FLAME run.
If you have a simple model which you would like to contribute to the FLAME Model Library please contact us.


A very simple particle model in which the motion of the particles is governed by a simple elastic attraction and repulsion law.

Complete model: circles.tar.gz

The distribution of cirlces agents after 100 iterations

The Game of Life

The classic cellar automata problem by Conway.

Complete model:

Preditor (Fox & Sheep)

Sheep being cased by foxes with birth and death.

Complete model:

Infection transition (SIR)

The group labels of S (susceptible), I (infectious) and R (recovered) lead this model to be called the SIR model. This is a good and simple model for many infectious diseases including measles, mumps and rubella.

Complete model:

Simple Traffic

This is a simple one-dimensional traffic model which demonstrates the congestion wave often experienced on motorways.

Complete model: